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Air Coolers

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers /Air Fin Coolers:

Used in any application where heat needs to be transferred in large quantities.

A cost-effective solution is to use air rather than water for cooling, which also reduces the thermal pollution of the rivers and lakes. In addition, direct dry cooling provides major advantages because air is typically non-corrosive and has limitless supply.

It covers chemical and petrochemical plants, power stations, geothermal system and waste-to-energy plants

Aid Cooled Condensers(ACC):

ACC is a direct dry cooling system that condenses steam within air-cooled finned tubes. The cool flow of ambient air outside of the finned tubes is what eliminates heat and determines an ACC feature.

For thermal power plants such as combined cycle, concentrated solar, gas, biomass and waste to electricity, air-cooled condensers are used. Since these types of power plants, which are fitted with ACCs, do not need a large amount of cooling water, it is easy to create power plants in a region where water is not available or where their use is limited or costly.