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Aluminum Dome Roofs

Aluminum Dome Roof: The Aluminum Geodesic Dome is a self-supporting cover commonly used in refineries and tank farms where the storage product and the structural tank components must be shielded from atmospheric and environmental effects, while at the same time reducing harmful vapor emissions and preventing water from reaching the storage tanks. They can be used for new tanks as well as retrofit projects.

Internal Floating Roof: Internal floating roof is mounted in the tank framework and floats on the liquid stored within the tank. The floating roof rises and falls inside the tank with the volume of liquid reaching a zone of no vapour. The internal floating roof helps to reduce or fully remove the possible gaseous zone above the stored liquid.
External Floating Roof Seal:External floating roof seals are constructed in the form of air shields from above ground storage tanks, to avoid product loss and atmospheric pollution.

Drain System: Flexible Joint Type, Swivel Joint Type, Float Check Valve, Slimline Type Foam