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Clean Air Systems

Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD):
Wet & Dry Scrubbers: Industrial scrubbers are tools that can regulate emissions by purifying the exhaust flows, ensuring that hardly any toxic gasses or particulates can escape the building and enter the atmosphere.

A wet industrial scrubber is capable of extracting toxic substances from exhaust gases by the use of a wet material. As flue gas is transferred through the process, this gas is sprayed by the wet industrial scrubber with a special fluid that primarily reacts with the heavier pollutants present in the air. A dry industrial scrubber on the other hand sprays several dry reagents into the exhaust flow. This slurry will either neutralize contaminants, or fully turn them into another substance.

DeNOx Plants:
SCR & SNCR: The DeNOx process converts NOx to harmless nitrogen and water vapour by SCR or SNCR applications.
This reaction requires a reduction medium => “NH3, Ammonia

Common reduction mediums for DeNOx plants:

 Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3)
 Aqueous Ammonia solution (NH4OH), typically
 Urea solution